© 2017 John Richard Anderson

With tail flit and flash
Of deep purple and blue hue
Bird perched in tree signals:
Would be predators, lurking -
You've been seen, so give hunt up


Why do many small birds flick their tails to reveal flashes of brightly colored feathers? It is not for balance; it does not help to protect territories; no
recent by John Richard Anderson  ·  Jul 10 '17 at 3:56 am
© 2017 John Richard Anderson

the thing
scrutinised, while
reticent on feelings,
allows minds responding to thing,
to feel


In the 11th century, Wei T'ai, a Chinese Philosopher told us how a poem should focus on 'the thing' to better to convey and evoke feelings in the reader.

Be precise, he said, about the thing, but reticent ab
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